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..:: News ::..

..:: 2010-09-17 ::..

Happy Birthday Dio!

11 years today...


..:: 2010-08-14/15 ::..

Finally the diary from the trip to Switzerland is finished, enjoy!

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..:: 2010-08-14/15 ::..

At the FCI Eurosighthound 2010, Schloss Grafenegg/Austria Emirs daughter/Mannes sister Enigma Hay'Zoum Al Asmaanii won the veteran class and BOB-veteran and ended up as BIS-2 veteran!

Breed judge was Mr Rudi. Brandt/Denmark

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The day after, at the Austrian Club Winner Show-2010, she again won the veteran class and became BOB-veteran, and this time she made it all the way up to Best In Show-veteran!!!!

Breed judge was Mr B. Fritz/Germany


..:: 2010-08-14 ::..

Xafhir was Best Male-4 at the Sighthound Show in Umeå/Sweden. Judge was Mr Willem Buitenkamp, Belgium.


..:: 2010-08-08 ::..

At the Int All Breed Kennel Club Show in Svenstavik Manne won the Veteran Class with CQ and became Best Male-4 out of 16 males!

He also became BOB-veteran. Judge was Mrs Annette Bystrup, Denmark.


..:: 2010-08-07 ::..

Lehzael won reserve-CAC at the big Sighthound Show in Donaueschingen in Germany. Judge was Mrs Ingela Kyrklund, Sweden.

At the same day her father Manne made his début in the Veteran Class, in Svenstavik/Sweden. This was his first show in almost four years. He came 2:nd in his class with CQ!


..:: 2010-07-30/2010-08-01 ::..

Emirs grandchildren was BOB and BOS working dog at Skokloster Summer Show/Sighthound Club.

VDH ch, Landessieger Nord/MV-09 Al A'lim Ihmz Ben Malcolm was BOB and Best In Show-working dog.

Shafaq Shantie Seabreeze was BOS working dog.


Xafhir and Matanah's Ayelet Bat Tsemah


..:: 2010-07-04 ::..

Lehzael just keep winning.... this time in the Netherlands. At the 75 year Jubileum Champion Clubmatch July 3:rd in Leersum.

She won the openclass, CAC, Best of Breed and got the new title "Dutch Club Winner-10". This out of 62 salukis!!! Judge was Mr Ad Van Der Snee, the Netherlands.

She is now:

Swiss Sighthound Winner-09, Rheinland Pfalz Sg-09, Dutch Club Winner-10, De VDH ch, Swiss ch

At the same day Xafhir became Best Dog-4 at the International All Breed Show in Trondheim, Norway. Judge was Mrs Wislawska Misterka-Kluska, Poland.

This was the 4:th country he has been placed in this year! (Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway)


..:: 2010-06-29 ::..

Happy 8th Birthday to Manne and his siblings around Europe!


..:: 2010-06-12 ::..

At the Kennel Club All Breed Show in Rifferswil/Switzerland Mannes daughter Lehzael won V1, CAC, Best Bitch and became New Swiss Champion. Judge was Mrs Iveta Vojtekova, Slovakia.

Congratulations Verena!!!


..:: 2010-05-29 ::..

At the Swedish Saluki Special in Österbybruk/Sweden Xafhir was placed 3rd Best Male. Judge was Mrs Katarina Widström, kennel Dhawati, Sweden.


..:: 2010-05-23 ::..

At the Kennel Club All Breed Show in Sundsvall/Sweden Xafhir won the champion class and was placed 2nd Best Male. Judge was Mrs Iren Naarits, Estonia.


..:: 2010-05-22 ::..

At the Sighthound show in Sundsvall/Sweden Xafhir was placed 5th Best Male-5. Judge was Mr Gerard Jipping, the Netherlands.


..:: 2010-05-08/09 ::..

At the International Show in St:Gallen, Switzerland, Xafhir and Lehzael had a great weekend!!!

On Saturday Xafhir won the championclass (3 in the class) with CAC and then he also won CACIB!!!! Lehzael won CAC and R-CACIB. Judge was Mrs Monica Wall, Sweden.

On Sunday Xafhir was 3:rd in the Champion class with excellent and Lehzael won CAC and R-CACIB this day also. Judge was Mr L Catalan, Portugal.


..:: 2010-05-02 ::..

In Hilleröd, Denmark, Xafhir won the openclass with excellent and became Best Male-3. Judge was Mr Ove Germundsson, Sweden.


..:: 2010-04-18 ::..

Mannes daughter Lehzael won CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed in Colmar, France.

Judge was Mr Pierre Derouet, France.

Congratulations Verena!!!!!


..:: 2010-04-01 ::..


..:: 2010-02-27 ::..

On the first show in 2010, in Fribourg in Schwitzerland, Lehzael won CAC, CACIB and Best Bitch..

Judge was Mr Malo Alcrudo, Spain.


..:: 2010-01-18 ::..

Xafhir was Top Dog #18 in Norway 2009, with result from only one show!


..:: 2010-01-14 ::..

Lehzael was Top Bitch #10 in Germany 2009, this from 8 shows.


..:: 2010-01-04 ::..

Xafhir was Best Dog #9 in Sweden last year. With results from Intermediate/Open/Champion class.