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..:: News ::..

..:: Norwegian Winner Show 2009-11-29 ::..

First time out in Norway... Xafhir wins CAC, CACIB, Norwegian Winner 2009 and becomes Norwegian Champion!!!!

Judge was Mrs Tuula Plathan, Finland.


Do we need to say that we are proud, very proud of our Xafhir.

Thanks for all the greetings at the show, by sms, phone and e-mail.


..:: Hågelby, Sweden 2009-10-18 ::..

First time out in champion class, Xafhir was placed on 2:nd place out of 7 and ended up as Best Dog-3, out of 31 entred.

Judge was Mrs Edith Raufelder, Germany.


..:: St Petersburg, Russia, 2009-10-18 ::..

Emirs granddaughter Zarabis Omid won 2 x junior-CAC, 2 x Jun-BOB and 2 x BOB and became Russian Junior Champion.

Judger were: R.Gavrilova, Russia ( Morning)

Hans Almgren, Sweden (Evening)


..:: Catonsville Kennel Club 2009-10-09 ::..

Mannes daughter Leilan´i Yurr´Aseel won Best of Winners and Opposite and 1 point.

Judge: Mr Roger R Hartinger


..:: St. Pedersburg, Russia 2009-10-03 ::..

More great news for Emirs grandchildren this weekend!

In the morning

Zarabis Omid: jun-CC, BOB-jun and Best Bitch-2

Zarabis Najat: CC and BOS


In the evening

Zarabis Omid: jun-CC, BOB-jun and BOB

Zarabis Najat: CC and Best Bitch-2 and new Russian Champion.

Judge was Shamil Abrakimov, Russia.


..:: Sundsvall, Sweden 2009-10-03 ::..

At the KC Int All Breed Show in Sundsvall where we live, Xafhir won the openclass (out of 5) with CQ, then he was placed as Best Dog-2 (out of 17) with CAC, R-cacib and new Swedish Champion only 2 years and 2 months old!

Judge was Mrs Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania.


..:: Germany 2009-08-09 ::..

The first time out in the open class for Lehzeal was a success!! She won CAC, CACIB, best bitch and Rheinland Pfalz Sieger-09. Judge was Mr Münstermann.


..:: Umeå, Sweden 2009-08-08 ::..

Xafhir won CAC, BOB, BIS-1 Intermediat and BEST IN SHOW!!!! Breed and Best in Show judge was Mrs Rita Reyniers, Belgium. The Intermediat BIS was judged by Mr Wim Wiersma, the Netherlands.

This was his 3:rd CAC in one week.... Unfortunately he was only one day to young to get the Swedish Champion title....


..:: Svenstavik, Sweden 2009-08-01/02 ::..

At the KC Int All Breed Show on Sunday Xafhir was placed as Best Dog-2 with CAC and R-CACIB. Breed judge Mr Per Lundström. Now he only need one more CAC after his 2:nd birthday to become Swedish Champion....

On Saturday at the Sighthound Specialty Xafhir was placed Best Dog-3 with CAC and was BOB-Intermediat for judge Mrs Karin Hedberg, Kashmani salukis, Sweden.

The BIS-Intermediat final was judged by Mr Per Lundström, kennel Greirish, Sweden, and there he placed Xafhir on 2:nd place.


..:: Donaueschingen, Germany 2009-08-01/02 ::..

Lehzael won the Intermediat class both days with excellent and VDH. Judges were Mr Niklas Eriksson, Qirmizi salukis, Sweden and Mrs B Novak from Slovakia.


..:: Lövudden, Sweden 2009-07-26 ::..

After winning the class on Saturday Xafhir was placed as 3:rd in the Intermediat class out of 14 on Sunday. This time with Honour Price. Judge was Mrs Helen Williams, kennel Kasaque, GB.


..:: Skokloster Summer Show, Sweden 2009-07-25 ::..

Xafhir won the Intermediat class out of 17 dogs with CQ and BOS-Intermediat. Judge was Mr Michael Williams kennel Kasaque, GB. We are so proud of him.

Thank you Mattias for the great handling of Xafhir, and with the same result at last year........


..:: Alfta, Sweden 2009-07-11 ::..

Xafhir won the intermediat class with CQ. Judge was Mrs Lena Stålhandske, Australia, kennel Schiram.


..:: Edsbyn, Sweden 2009-07-10 ::..

Xafhir won BIS-intermediat at the Swdish Saluki Club Special. Judge was Mrs Elizabette Kallin-Forssberg, kennel Khalil.


..:: Vännäs, Sweden 2009-06-13 ::..

Xafhir was placed 2:nd in intermediat class with CQ. Judge was Mr Tino Pehar, Croatia.


..:: Versoix, Switzerland 2009-05-31 ::..

Lehzael won V1 and CAC. Judge was Mr Boris Chapiro, France. This was her third CAC in the last three weekends....!!


..:: Rifferswil, Switzerland 2009-05-23 ::..

At the Swiss Sighthound Winner-09 Lehzael won CAC, BOS and Swiss Sighthound Winner-09. Judge Mrs Lotta Brun, Spain, Kennel Caravan.


..:: Österbybruk, Sweden 2009-05-23 ::..

At the Saluki Club Show in Österbybruk Xafhir was 2:nd in Intermediatclass with CQ. Judge was Mrs Helen Graham, Kennel Daxlore.


..:: St Gallen, Int, Switzerland 2009-05-16 ::..

Lehzael won V1 and CAC. Judge was Mr A Korozs from Hungary.


..:: Saarbrücken, Int, Germany 2009-05-09 ::..

Lehzael won V1, VDH and r-CAC. Judge was Miss Wanger from Luxemburg.


..:: Finland 2009-05-09 ::..

At the Finnish L-C Cup Emirs grandson Al A´lim I´smet Ben Malcolm won CAC and the title CVM-09.


..:: Freiburg, Germany 2009-05-03 ::..

Mannes daughter Lehzael won the CAC and BOB. Judge was Mrs Christina Roseen, Sweden.


..:: Skellefteå, Sweden 2009-05-02 ::..

Xafhir was placed secound in the openclass (out of seven) with CQ. In the best male competition he was placed as best male-3. Judge was Mrs Cinzia Aymaretti Camia, Italy.


..:: Limoges, France 2009-04-12 ::..

Luq'man Ku'rush Ibn Rushd, Mannes son, won CAC, CACIB and BOB. Judge was Mr Jean-Claude Klein, France.


..:: Charlotte, NC, USA 2009-04-05 ::..

Mannes daughter Leilan´i Yurr´Aseel won Winners bitch, 1 point. Judge: : Dr Michael J Woods, USA.


..:: Charlotte, NC, USA 2009-04-04 ::..

Mannes daughter Leilan´i Yurr´Aseel won Winners bitch, Best of Winners and BOS, 1 point. Judge: Ms Patricia W Laurans, USA.


..:: Perigueux, France 2009-03-21 ::..

Mannes son Luq'man Ku'rush Ibn Rushd won CAC, CACIB and BOB. Judge was Mr Jean-Jacques Dupas, France.


..:: Enköping, Sweden 2009-03-15 ::..

Xafhir was placed third in the youthclass (out of five) with CQ. Judge was Mr Åke Cronander, Sweden.


..:: Offenburg, Germany 2009-03-14 ::..

Mannes daughter Lehzael in Switzerland had a great day in the show ring: Exc 1, VDH and Res-CAC. Judge was Mr Prof. Dr. Friedrich.


..:: Virginia Beach, VA, USA 2008-12-14 ::..

Mannes daughter Leilan´i Yurr´Aseel won Winners Bitch, 1 point. Judge was Mrs Donna L Webster.