SE NO FI DK Nord uch
Yebelli┬┤s Emir



Chinese Crested
In loving Memory






..:: Zarabis litter ::..

Date of birth: 2003-01-03

Zarabis Malcolm, Finland
Zarabis Melchior, Finland

Zarabis Miriam, Finland


Nord Dk uch Yebelli´s Emir
Fin S uch Asarafi Hierbabuena
Nord uch Kirman Kassim
S N uch Yebelli´s Chantie
Ibinores Khashendi
Fin uch Asarafi Babuneh
Kirman Gamil
Fin uch Kirman Balisha
Int, Nord uch Shafaq Cardas
Yebelli´s Bischma
Int S N uch Ibinores Ghazan Al A´Lim
Ibinores Falanza
Int Nord uch V-88 El Hamrah Karachi-Khan
Fin uch Ibinores Zarifa


Fin Ch, Fin RCh, Fin LCCh, TS-06-07, DV-06, SM-06, EM-06, JK-06, PMM-07, VM-09
..:: Zarabis Malcolm ::..

He has 3 working Cacils and 4 reserve Cacils. In 2005 Malcolm had the four best times at 480m in Finland. In 480 meter's track racing is 32,15 seconds Malcolms record.

Malcolm is father to Al A'lim I-litter-06 and Kirman B-litter-07 and Zarabis O-litter-08.

..:: Zarabis Miriam ::..

Millie is the mother of Zarabis N-litter-07.

She has gained three reserve-CAC´s.